What Does It Take to Host a Rally?

It will take some planning to host a successful Decision Day Rally, but we’re here to offer guidance and resources every step of the way. Read on to see what’s involved. Or for more details, see the complete suite of Tools for Rally Captains.

You can be a Rally Captain!

Held a rally before? If you’ve ever conducted a rally with #ProtestPP, Stand Up for Religious Freedom, or the Pro-Life Action League, then you already have a good idea what’s involved with hosting an Decision Day rally on when the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling is officially released.

New to hosting a rally? If you’ve never served as a Rally Captain before or hosted an event like this, have no fear! We’ve got a full suite of resources to help you plan and execute your rally. But remember, you’ll need to be prepared to act quickly on the day the decision drops.

What’s involved in hosting a rally?

How elaborate does your rally have to be? It’s up to you and your helpers to decide how complicated an event you want to hold. It can be as simple as a small prayer vigil outside City Hall, or as involved as a full-on rally with guest speakers, stage and sound equipment, and a crowd of hundreds. Use your discretion in scaling our instructions below for your rally.

You can purchase rally signs at exclusive low prices. The Pro-Life Action League has prepared a 30-pack of signs available for less than the cost of shipping to help make your rally eye-catching and effective.

Rally Overview. Whether simple or more complex, organizing your rally will involve the following:

  • Choosing your rally site. The idea rally location will be outside a federal court building, since Dobbs v. Jackson is a federal court case. But other sites are also appropriate such as your state capitol, city hall, or any busy location where you can find a public space to rally in. Because we will be hosting these events on extremely short notice, permits cannot be required for public spaces, even if the location you’re using would usually require one.
  • Promoting your rally. To help you get the word out in your community, the national team will provide a host of promotional resources, including a customizable flyer, email template, Facebook tools, church bulletin announcement, and more.
  • Planning your rally program. Even if you’re just planning a simple prayer vigil, you’ll want to put together an outline with hymns and prayers. But your program could also include guest speakers, a musical guest, and even a stage and sound system. We’ll provide guidance on pulling all of this together.
  • Reaching out to the media (optional). The Dobbs hearing is going to be a huge national news story, and reporters in your town are going to be eager for a local angle. We’ll help you seize this media opportunity with a press release template and media resource guide.
  • Documenting your rally. Whether or not the media cover your rally, you can still expand your impact by taking photos and video and sharing your rally online and with the OverturnRoe team. We’ve got the tips and tools you need.

Ready to sign on?

Remember, the national team is ready to help you host an outstanding rally on Decision Day, whether you’ve done this before or are serving as a Rally Captain for the very first time. We’re eager to work with you!