4. Earning Media Coverage

This event has excellent potential for earning local media coverage. All eyes will be on Washington D.C. as the Supreme Court hears this historic case, but every local media outlet will be looking for ways to cover the story in their community.

That means your Rally, Vigil or Bridge Outreach can be the local flash point they’re looking for. Remember, even if a media outlet or reporter has some kind of bias, the thing they’re always looking for is a good story.

Media list and press release

Your first step will be to build a list of local media outlets in your area, along with contact information for each outlet. and their contact information. For instructions on this, see “Engage the Media and Earn Coverage for your Event” on the Pro-Life Action League website.

The OverturnRoe team has drafted press release template for you to send out to your media list:

Note: Be careful to fill in all the bracketed content in the release that is related to your event, and delete any bracketed material that is not relevant. Carefully proofread your release before sending it out.

When to send your press release? You will send out your press release twice:

  • Send first on Tuesday, November 23 to get on reporters’ calendars
  • Send again on Tuesday, November 30 to remind them of the event

If anything important changes about your event after you first send your release on November 23 — like a new guest speaker, for example — be sure to highlight that when you send the release again on November 30.

If possible, call your media outlets either the afternoon of November 30 (if your event is in the morning) or the morning of December 1 (if your event is in the afternoon), to increase your chances of getting coverage

More info on media outreach

For more information on the media outreach aspect of your Rally or other event — including talking to reporters who respond to your press release — see “Engage the Media and Earn Coverage for your Event” on the Pro-Life Action League website.

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