3. Promoting Your Rally

Get the word out about the Rally through every avenue at your disposal: all your email contacts, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, church bulletins, flyers, even phone calls.

Customizable Rally flyer to pass out

The national team has prepared a customizable flyer that you can download and fill out with your OverturnRoe rally information.

Take care to follow the instructions below precisely or you may not end up with a usable flyer:

  1. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which you can find here. This is the program you will use to open and edit your flyer.
  2. Download a copy of the flyer to your computer. [NOTE: The link to the flyer is found at the end of these instructions.] To download, right click the link for the version of the flyer you’re going to use and select the option to “Save link as.” When your computer asks where you want to save the file, choose an appropriate location and click “Save.” The flyer will not work correctly if you try to edit it in your web browser.
  3. Open the file and fill in the bracketed information with the details pertinent to your city. Several fields are required, including the basic information. Additional fields may be left blank or filled in with other information you feel is pertinent to your memorial service. For the best look, keep the use of lower case and capital letters consistent with the case of the bracketed text.
  4. Important: If you do not have relevant information for any of the fields, be sure to delete any “space saver” text in those fields, or it will appear on your flyer.
  5. Save your customized flyer. Don’t just print out your customized flyer—save the flyer with your information as a new file with a different file name, too. Otherwise, the information you’ve filled in won’t be there next time you or someone else opens the file.
  6. Print your customized flyer. The flyer is designed to be printed on regular letter paper. You can print a small number of copies on your home printer. If you need a larger quantity, use a professional print shop like FedEx Office or Office Depot.
    Note: Some Windows users have had trouble printing the customizable flyer. If you are having trouble, tell Adobe Reader to print the file, but before giving the final print command, go into the “Advanced Options” menu and choose “Print as Image” and it should print correctly.

Download the flyer at the link below:

You can pass out the flyer at church or at special events where interested people might be in attendance, post it on the church bulletin board, or submit it to local churches for printing in the bulletin.

Promoting your Rally through email

Use this sample email invitation to let your local contacts know about the OverturnRoe Rally. Whether you use this sample as is, modify it, or write your own, follow these guidelines:

  1. Write as if you’re addressing a single person. People are more likely to respond to an individual plea (“Dear Friend”) than one addressed to a whole group (“Dear Friends”).
  2. Avoid using the word “we” to refer to a group that the recipient is not a part of, since that can be subtly alienating. Using “we” to mean “you and I” will help your recipients feel included.
  3. Keep paragraphs short—a maximum of 4 lines of normal length.
  4. Wait until you have your rally site confirmed before sending out any messages. Better to send your message a week later with all the info than to send it now and look as if you’re disorganized.

You should send out your email the week before Thanksgiving, since people will be distracted Thanksgiving week. Send it again on Monday, November 29, two days before the Rally.

Promoting your Rally on Facebook

Facebook and other online communities have become essential for getting the word out about important events like the OverturnRoe Rally. If you’re not on Facebook or not very familiar with how to use such services as “events” or “cover photos,” it would be a good idea to enlist someone for your Rally Team who can handle this side of the promotion effort.

Facebook Event: The best way to promote your Rally on Facebook is to create a “Facebook event” and invite your friends—and ask them to invite theirs. If you’re not familiar with how to set up a Facebook event, check out the instructions here.

Once you’ve set up a Facebook event for your Rally, invite all your friends to attend and spread the word, even if they don’t live nearby. Someone in your town may learn about the Rally through a mutual Facebook friend.

But don’t just stop with one mention of the event. It’s easy to miss things on Facebook, so make a point of inviting your friends each week from now until the Rally takes place. And share the event regularly on your timeline.

The OverturnRoe team has also created some social media graphics you can use to spread the word about your event and the effort as a whole.

Facebook Cover Images

Download these images (right click the image and choose “Save image as”) and use them as your cover image on your personal page or a group page you’re using to promote your event:

Facebook Post Images

Download these images (right click the image and choose “Save image as”) to use in Facebook or other social media posts promoting your rally:

Text for Social Media Posts

You can use or modify the following text for social media posts about your rally on any platform:

“Join me in a countdown to December 1st! The Supreme Court will be presented with OVERTURN ROE!

Legal scholars on both sides agree that this could be the case that finally overturns Roe v. Wade. See below for ways you can get involved!

  • Display a Highway Banner
  • Host a Rally
  • Pray
  • Distribute Community Flyers

Learn more >> https://overturnroe.org

#prolife #savethebabies #overturnroe #healing”

Promoting your Rally in Churches

You can also promote your Rally in local churches. With time very short before the event, getting into print bulletins will be difficult, but you can still send in bulletin announcements to any local churches in your area. You may want to follow up with a phone call since time is so short, emphasizing the importance of our effort.

You could also use that phone call to request that the announcement be read from the pulpit during announcement time in their church. This will be especially helpful if there’s not enough time to get into the bulletin.

Use this sample bulletin announcement and fill in the details of your Rally. Submit your bulletin announcements using the following schedule:

  • Submit on Monday, November 15 for the Sunday, November 21 bulletin.
  • Submit on Friday, November 19 for the Sunday, November 28 bulletin (extra time for Thanksgiving).

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