2. Building Your Rally Team

To be the most effective Rally leader you can be, you’ll want to seek out a team of people to help you. Choose people who you know will follow through on tasks. The more tasks you can delegate to trustworthy people, better leader you will be.

Below you will find information on the following:

  • Holding a recruitment meeting
  • Assigning jobs to team members
  • Thinking ahead to the Rally day

Holding a recruitment meeting

One great way to recruit helpers for your Rally effort is to hold a recruitment meeting. Put the word out via e-mail, in your church or other places you know there will be like-minded people who will support the Rally. Make it clear that people can help even if they’re not able to attend the Rally.

At the meeting, explain the Rally effort and what kind of help you’ll need. Have a list of jobs that people can take on and explain their scope. Offer people the opportunity to sign up on the spot while they’re enthusiastic about the project.

Assigning jobs to team members

There are many different levels of involvement you can offer people with varying degrees of commitment. Jobs you could seek help with include but are not limited to:

  • Media Manager: This person would be in charge of contacting the media to alert them to the Rally and for talking to reporters both in advance of and the Rally and on the Rally day.
  • Social Media Manager: This person will create your event on Facebook and build buzz about it on other social networks like Twitter. If possible, this person should be available to tweet and post videos, pictures, and updates to Facebook live from the Rally as well.
  • Speaker Recruiter: This person will be responsible for recruiting speakers. They should be well connected, outgoing, and known for follow-through.
  • Sound and Stage Manager: This person will be in charge of obtaining a sound system and stage for your event. They will be responsible for setup and tear down of this equipment and running the sound system during the event, or at least providing someone to do that.
  • Contact Manager: This person will be in charge of gathering and organizing an e-mail list and sending updates to that list. They can also add any names and e-mails you acquire at your Rally to grow your list of contacts for future events.

Thinking ahead to the Rally day

Be sure to think ahead to your Rally day and the various jobs that will need to be taken care of that day. You don’t want to find yourself shorthanded on the Rally day when you will want to concentrate on making sure everything comes together smoothly.

See the list of Rally day jobs here as well. You can recruit for these jobs as well as the preparatory jobs at your Team Recruitment Meeting.

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